lemon-oregano roasted chicken

In dinner on August 18, 2011 at 12:20 am

for some people, cooking is a stressful chore that they do their best to avoid. while i admit there are busy days when i get home from work and the last thing in the world i want to do is cook dinner, for the most part, cooking for me is happy and relaxing.

so when i needed a new place to feel a little more homey, what better to turn to than a roast chicken? and lucky for me, it’s cool enough in boston even in the summer that i didn’t melt into a puddle of sweat running the oven at 325 for two hours!

i started with a five-pound roaster from whole foods (there is one close! and a trader joe’s! happy pig.) and rubbed it all over with the zest of one lemon, salt, pepper and olive oil.

i also stuffed his cavity with half an onion, half a lemon and some fresh oregano (use whatever herb you like) and scattered the rest around him in my tajine.

into the oven at 325 degrees with the tajine top on.

after about an hour, it was starting to look (and smell!) done, but still looked so pale.

i turned the oven up to 375 and put it back in for about another hour without the top.

that’s more like it!

served with kashi grain blend, brocolini and some crazy-good lemony gravy he made with the drippings and gizzards.

home is where the tummy is.


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