what we ate III

In travel on August 14, 2011 at 9:20 pm

as is becoming tradition, here’s a sampling of what we ate on vacation.

cooking on a gas stove without electricity or potable running water in a cabin in the middle of the woods is a challenge, but i really enjoy it and good food – and having the opportunity to cook things i generally don’t – is an important part of vacation for me.

blueberry pancakes with more ‘berries than ‘cake. an annual breakfast must-have.

a liverwurst sandwich with thinly sliced onion and mayo – my absolute favorite and i pretty much only eat them on vacation. the liverwurst (and later sausage feasts) were from karl’s.

meanwhile, he was eating BLTs. the B was from karl’s too, triple smoked.

one (of two) sausage dinners. we had weisswurst and bauernwurst. check out the selection at karl’s!

peach and chicken kabobs with bell peppers and a cumin-lime vinaigrette are also an annual favorite. i used boneless, skinless thighs (cut into chunks) instead of breasts and the flavor was so much better. i don’t think i’ll buy breasts anymore.

my seasonal cocktail was going to be a blueberry rickey in honor of DC. i made a blueberry mash (NOT a blueberry simple syrup because a rickey is not supposed to be sweet) by cooking down a cup of blueberries and mixed it into the drink with bourbon, lime juice and club soda. it was good, but then i tried it with ginger ale instead of club soda and it was even better. not quite a rickey, though…

one night i made a mushroom pasta. cooking the pasta itself is the tricky part. since you have to bring potable water up in jugs, it’s not really wise to waste a whole lot by boiling a pot-full. we also really try to conserve gas on the stove. so i used a technique i had done before on the blog and it worked really well. (except i used water instead of chicken broth and no cream.)

another annual favorite – filippino sour fish soup with vegetables, called sinigang, with two different VERY fresh fish – bass and rainbow trout.

a leftover polish sausage from karl’s, split in half and fried with an egg made a perfectly respectable breakfast for him. karl also sells direct-from-europe imported nutella – much better than american nutella – which i was enjoying on toast.

with leftover chicken from the kabobs, i made chicken salad. generally chicken salad has nuts (he can’t have it) and/or celery (i won’t eat it), so i took this opportunity to make one we both could enjoy. this version had cherries, red bell pepper, shallot and the key ingredient – curry powder. really really good. (although i have to admit, if i had had my way, there would have been almonds or pecans in there too…)

we always do lobsters, too, with corn on the grill.

this year was a blueberry bumper crop in the bushes in front of the cabin, and i couldn’t stop baking with them. here’s a batch of blueberry muffins (cooling on straw plates! no cooling racks in the woods…) with turbinado, or demerara, sugar sprinkled on top. i hadn’t cooked with it before, but really want to get myself a box. it gives a nice little crunch and makes them look so professional!

another one with turbinado sugar on top – blueberry, peach and cherry cobbler. my moto is eat as many blueberries as you can when they’re in season and fresh off the bushes!

had some leftover eggplant from the fish soup, so i cut it into planks, salt/pepper/olive oil’ed it, and charred it on the grill. then i mashed it up with some diced tomatoes and fresh parsley for a yummy cocktail hour dip with pita chips and (store-bought, sorry!) hummus.

and finally, a blueberry pie. i wasn’t planning on making one this year, but he looked so longingly at some homemade pies at bly farm, i decided that was a sign.

  1. Will you marry me? I need someone in my life that cooks like THAT!

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