marinated tomato pasta

In dinner on July 26, 2011 at 1:01 pm

when i was home visiting my mum recently, i was looking at some magazines she had around and the picture on the cover of the newest martha stewart was so summery and delicious-looking, i insisted we make it for dinner that very evening.

my picture isn’t quite as artistic, but the dish was easy and delicious and my mother declared it “a keeper.”

basically, you let your tomatoes mellow out in garlic olive oil, crispy garlic chips, lemon zest, capers, salt, pepper and basil for 30 minutes or so before tossing with warm pasta.

couple things… use really colorful heirloom tomatoes! they are so pretty and flavorful. next, i suggest setting aside half the garlic chips and topping the pasta with them right before serving to add a little texture. also, the dish is best served at room temp.

the really surprising-in-a-good-way element to the dish is the lemon. you don’t generally expect that with tomatoes, but it really worked.

although with these ingredients,

how could you really go wrong??

note: i tried to find this recipe online to link to it, but couldn’t find it anywhere at first. then, even though the magazine i used at my mom’s was the august 2011 edition – and this was the COVER SHOT – i came across this: here is the recipe from back in september 2008. exactly the same, just with lobster. do you think martha is running out of new ideas?

  1. Last line of paragraph “a couple of things..” edit, please.
    But delicious entry. I told all my friends to try it.

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