more-veggies-than-pasta salad

In lunch on June 22, 2011 at 2:14 am

lunch options are hard in the summer. in the winter, i like to make big pots of chili or lentils or beans and rice, but those kinds of hearty dishes are weird in the summer. (even though my office is kept at about 40 degrees all year ’round.) lettuce-based salads aren’t filling, and sandwiches tend to get a little mushy by noon.

so this week, i decided to try making pasta salad that had a higher ratio of veggies to pasta than your average bear. the inspiration was a chicken and tortellini salad my mum makes. (another blue-ribbon recipe. mum, can you send it to me? merci.)

anyway, i started by cooking two (different colored) packs of tortellini.

then i blanched bite-sized pieces of asaparagus

and cut up two (different colored) bell peppers.

i was going for colorful!

also, one (purple-ish (on the inside)) shallot.

toss all together.

for dressing, you could use just straight-up olive oil, salt and pepper, or a homemade or store bought dressing of your choice.

since it’s summer and basil is in season, though, i went for another pesto. (i eat as much basil as possible when it’s in season…)

the only problem is that it turned my multi-colored salad all green!!

i guess i should have known…

  1. And…how did it taste? Because it looks delish. Did you eat it cold?

  2. it was delish! i ate it at room temp (basically took it to work and didn’t put it back in the fridge so it was at room temp by lunchtime).

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