asparagus tangle

In dinner on May 22, 2011 at 2:37 pm

as seen on the today show.

i just had to make this because it’s called a “tangle.” how fun is that!? sort of like the mandy moore movie, but without the funny horse.

anyway, start by peeling your asparagus – i used white and green – into many ribbons.

you do end up wasting a lot of asparagus, though… see in the top corner (below)? i couldn’t get the peeler close enough to the counter, so the middle sections were too thick to use and too thin to keep peeling.

i think if you used one of those fancy y-shaped peelers (that i don’t have) you’d waste less, though. (i did save these and roast them later to go with another dinner.)

anyway, did i mention that you don’t cook the asparagus here? i’ve never thought of eating raw asparagus, and when i tried it, it was bitter… hmm. two strikes.

then you make a dressing of the juice of half a lemon, about a tablespoon of anchovy paste, pepper (no salt!), a small squeeze of agave (or a pinch of sugar) and some olive oil.

dress the salad – i’m sorry, the tangle – early because the lemon juice (acid) “cooks” it a little. or at least softens it.

and gets rid of the bitterness!

in fact, it was delicious, fresh-tasting, unusual and healthy.

i served it with sliced boiled potatoes with olive oil and salt, and shrimp tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder and crushed red pepper and then sauteed. makes quite a pretty pile on the plate!

  1. re: the tangle, what a waste of good asparagus…..

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