chocolate biscuit cake

In dessert on April 29, 2011 at 11:49 am

it was once said that the sun never set on the british empire, and today, that might be true again as a reported two billion people watched the royal wedding of william and catherine.

i mean, there’s not a lot that gets me up at 5 am, but a royal wedding is certainly on the short list. as are fascinators and princes. and people who look so freakin’ darn happy to be spending the rest of their lives under a microscope. i mean, together.

another thing that gets me out of bed? chocolate biscuit cake. it is apparently wills’ favorite and will be served as a groom’s cake at the reception.

with tons of recipes whizzing around the blogosphere, how could i not make one to celebrate?? my version is adapted from againn‘s.

you start by greasing and lining your pan, preferably a spring-form.

then heat 1 cup heavy cream, 4 tablespoons of butter, 1 teaspoon vanilla, a pinch of salt and 1 tablespoon of agave (or honey), and chop 16 ounces of semi-sweet baking chocolate.

when the cream mixture is hot, pour it over the chocolate and stir until melted.

while i couldn’t find the traditional mcvitie’s biscuits, i think these are a decent substitute.

i crunched them in the package – no mess!

stir the biscuits into the chocolate

and pour into your pan.

chill for at least three hours (or overnight, in my case) and then let it warm up just a couple minutes before taking it out of the pan.

god save the cake!!


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