ricotta gnocchi

In dinner on April 25, 2011 at 12:32 am

these ricotta gnocchi were surprisingly quick and easy to make, and come out like little pillows of cheesy goodness. served in a brown butter sauce – what more could you ask for.

(sage brown better sauce – don’t let it burn!)

notes from the test kitchen:

1. they took more flour than the recipe called for, and probably could have taken a little more than i used, but i didn’t want to make them too tough.

2. i used a small ice cream scoop (thanks, santa!!) to make sure they all came out roughly the same size.

3. don’t worry about the shape – the dough is too sticky. “rustic” is the key word here.

4. i found that you couldn’t overcook them really, so i suggest leaving them in the boiling water a little longer than you think you should. i noticed the boil would slow when you put them in, then after they floated, it would reach a roiling boil again. i’d leave them in one minute past that. (ones that weren’t done in the center weren’t as good.)

5. be very gentle when you’re tossing in the brown butter sauce.

6. serve with a salad and plenty of extra grated cheese on top!


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