medium rare

In spot on April 21, 2011 at 2:36 am

as i mentioned on twitter, he and i tried the new medium rare in cleveland park last weekend.

i will pause here to let you examine the menu.

welcome back. as you can probably see, the restaurant is great if you a) are not a vegetarian, b) can never make up your mind, or c) like being bossed around.

my first and overall impression is that they seem to get quite a tickle out of themselves. “have you dined with us before?!” the over-eager, slightly pompous, too friendly golden retriever of a waiter asks. upon hearing that we were newbies, he gave us the rundown like he was literally running a marathon.

i may have had whiplash when he was done, but i did manage to gather they would bring me warm bread, then a green salad, then a 5 ounce steak with fries and SECRET homemade sauce*, then “seconds” – another 5 ounce steak with fries and more SECRET sauce.

“i like to think of it as eating a 10 ounce steak, but the second half isn’t getting cold on your plate!” hmm… intriguing…?


we were allowed to choose our own wine, thankfully, and the retreiver-waiter was actually fairly knowledgable about their selection.

the warm bread and butter was to. die. for.

the salad was tasty, and they actually did very well with the  simple, flavorful mustard vinaigrette. if i was being completely nit-picky, i’d say my lettuce had unattractive brown spots, but was edible.

they also do let you choose how you want your steak cooked. once he and i realized they switched ours and made the switch back, i was pleased with my medium rare. the frites were great, the SECRET sauce gets a solid A, and the steak was good without being too memorable or adding much to the flavor.

as he pointed out, it also did not have a crust, which – depending on how you like your steak – could be a deal-breaker. however, it did serve as a fabulous vehicle for getting sauce –> mouth.

we passed on dessert, but from the looks of ones on other tables, they were enormous.

overall, i would recommend medium rare to a friend. and i would probably go back if i ever had an urge to be bossed around while eating steak and drinking decent red wine.

but i had to ask myself – once the initial thrill has worn off, will washington, a city based solely on having power and getting more of it, put up with being bound, gagged and bullied through their dinner?

* it annoys me when restaurants make such a big deal about their SECRET steak sauce. have you ever tried asking for any recipe from a restaurant? generally they are all secret. that’s what keeps you coming there and not the place next door.


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