gentle minestrone

In dinner on March 31, 2011 at 2:00 am

first of all, do you say minestrone that rhymes with phone or minestrone-y that rhymes with phony?

i’ve been seeing a lot of minestrone soup recipes around recently, but none of them sounded as good as my mom’s gentle minestrone. the best part is that you stir in pesto at the end!

so here it is. i made double the recipe for lunch leftovers.

start by sautéing 1 medium chopped red onion, about a 1/4 cup chopped parsley, 2 large potatoes cubed (make sure to use boiling potatoes – like a red one – not baking potatoes), and a whole pile of chopped carrots in olive oil.

seed and cube two tomatoes. these were pretty gross winter tomatoes, but it was still ok.

add them to the veggies with a little salt and pepper. sauté another five-ish minutes.

then add a can of white beans (with the liquid! don’t drain them), two cans of chicken broth and two cans of water.

bring it to a boil and cook until the potatoes are almost done.

add a handful or so of elbow macaroni or ditalini. i had neither so i broke a handful of spaghetti into inch-long pieces.

cook until pasta is done.

now for a quick homemade parsley pesto without nuts (he’s allergic). if you have regular pesto, feel free to use that.

throw a handful of parsley into a food processor with a pinch of salt, pepper, some grated parmesan and a couple cloves of microplaned garlic.

start blending and slowly drizzle in olive oil until it gets smooth.

homemade and store-bought.

then i made parmesan crisps by shaving cheese with a vegetable peeler, arranging it on toast and putting it under the broiler.

et voila!

  1. You forgot an important ingredient–one or two leeks in the veggie sautee. Wouldn’t make it without the leeks….

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