shellfish pasta

In dinner on March 1, 2011 at 12:01 am

his mother very generously gave us a bag of mussels and clams, so – oh bummer – guess i had to make seafood pasta. SIGH.

i didn’t quite know where i was going with this, except i knew there would be lemon, garlic, white wine, capers and butter. what more does a girl need in the world?

i started by sauteeing half a white onion, three or four slivered garlic cloves and the zest of one lemon (use a vegetable peeler to remove just the yellow part) in some olive oil.

you don’t want your onions to brown, so if they start to, add a little water or white wine. in my case, she had also given us some leftover mussel broth, so i used that.

when everything is tender and smelling deliciously of garlic and lemon, add a couple glugs of white wine.

[author’s note: i have actually seen the term “glugs” used as a measurement in real recipes. i have no idea how much it is supposed to be, but i think you get the idea.]

dump in your shellfish and clap the lid on. let them cook while your pasta is finishing up, shaking the pot occasionally. take a look after about 5 minutes to see if all the shells are nice and open. you can’t really overcook them here (unless you leave them for an hour or something) so just make sure they are done.

this is what done looks like:


meanwhile, drain your pasta and toss it back in the pot with about a tablespoon of butter and a couple spoonfuls of capers (which can be omitted, of course, by WHY?).

toss well (letting the butter melt), then dump in the shellfish with the onion and garlic and lemon and all their juices.

when you serve it, make sure to reach down into the pot for a little liquid to spoon over the top.

that’s roasted asparagus to make it a complete meal!


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