schmankerl stube

In spot on December 21, 2010 at 2:02 am

only because it was my birthday could i convince him to drive more than an hour off into the wilds of maryland for dinner.

i had heard about schmankerl stube, a super-authentic bavarian restaurant, in one of tom’s chats months ago, and had my heart set on it for birthday dinner ever since.

as promised, there were dirndls and wurst, sauerkraut and the best schwarzwälder kirsh torte (that’s black forest cake) this side of my mom’s kitchen. there was kitsch and 5 litre stone beer mugs and the first page of the menu was a list of rules. also, the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom was wrapped with wallpaper to match the walls. it doesn’t get any more german than this.

we started with two appetizers – it was my birthday, after all, and we were hungry from all that driving – the fried camembert with cranberry sauce and the pickled herring. my grandfather would be so proud.

after dallying between the schmankerl wurst teller (sausage platter) and the herzhafter sauerbraten (hearty sweet-sour pot roast), i ended up going for the wurst. oh my. delicious. it was the best wurst. (ha!) and he had the wiener schnitzel with spätzle, which he thoroughly enjoyed. [check out the full dinner menu here.]

the only weird part was the vegetable of the day: black beans and corn straight out of guapos. it’s ok, i wasn’t there for the leafy greens anyway.

although i’m sure it will be ages before i go back to schmankerl stube, that’s only a factor of geography and gas prices. if it were any closer, i’d have to invest in my own dirndl.

  1. Sounds Heavenly! I have my moms Dirndl if you do need it!

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