fudge truffles – part deux

In challenge on November 19, 2010 at 2:27 am

when we left our brave heroine, she had just had a eureka moment. (or so she thought)

now to see if it would work…

i had my sifted (to get rid of clumps) cocoa for coating, and a pan laid out to receive the “truffles.”

i took a scoop…

…it still seemed soft…

…i tried to roll it…


boy, i wish i could have taken a picture of my hands to show you, but i was COVERED in ooey, gooey, sticky-as-hell chocolate sauce. like marshmallows, but worse.

and when i tried to set my truffles on the nicely prepared baking sheet that was waiting for them…


so in a last desperate act of desperation (because at this point i was going to throw the whole lot out anyway), i dumped it – and when i say “dumped” i really mean:

scraped it – back into the pot.

heat on, thermometer clipped.

this time, i had its number.

and eventually, i got fudge.

since it had been so man-handled, i didn’t serve it to anyone and only tried a wee taste myself, but i have to say, even after everything, i’m going to make it again. the sour cream gave it such a nice, unusual tang that cut the richness.

next time, with a working candy thermometer, of course!

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