In ingredient on October 20, 2010 at 1:57 am

first let me say i’m not a tempeh afficianato. i’m sure there are right ways and wrong ways of dealing with this stuff, but i don’t really care – i’ve found a way i like it.

what exactly is tempeh (say it “TEM-pay”), you ask? wikipedia knows, but i just call it super healthy and super tasty.

so, my super easy tempeh “stir fry”:

slice the tempeh and toast it in a dry frying pan or cast iron over medium-high heat. it’s already cooked, so you just want to get it nice and brown. helps with the flavor, which is nutty and earthy.

while it’s toasting, mix up a quarter cup or so of sauce. make it to your taste – i use a combination of soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil and fish sauce. you could use store-bought teriyaki sauce, too.

when the tempeh is toasted to your liking, add the sauce and about 10 ounces (or more or less) of a frozen veggie mix of your choice.

a different veggie mix:

just stir to coat everything with the sauce. since i generally take this with rice for lunch, i don’t even bother to thaw the veggies at this point because the microwave at work will do it!

how’s that for speedy, rachael ray??


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