In link on October 17, 2010 at 1:37 pm

i certainly never thought i’d be writing about wal-mart on my food blog. or that i would be giving them props.

but check out this article about how they have committed to supporting sustainable agriculture by stocking local food from small farms in their stores. not only is this great for customers, but it’s great for small family farms, too.

will this policy change entice you to grocery shop there?

  1. While I applaud any company that buys local, sustainably-farmed fresh food, “doubling” the amount of local sourced food to all of 9% does not outweigh the abuse of workers that Walmart defends. Walmart workers are paid so little that many of them still qualify for food stamps and other assistance programs. Walmart employee overtime abuses have been well documented in the press. I also believe that Walmart cuts prices to draw shoppers out of town, disabling many small downtown areas and once the town is gutted, the prices go back up.

  2. you are so right and make very valid points. for some things, we shall never forgive them!

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