apple chips

In munchie on September 26, 2010 at 9:01 pm

it’s apple season again, and i have apple fever!

time to revisit some of my old favorites (applesauce, apple pie, caramel apple rolls) and try some new recipes.

to add to my list of healthy junk foods – apple chips. these are turning into our favorite football snack.

they are also turning into the only reason why i’m holding on to my mandoline (for now).

start by slicing the apples as thinly as you can. i don’t think you absolutely need a mandoline, but it definitely helps. i set it on 1/8 of an inch slice.

i used a technique from sweet potato bakes (in case you didn’t click the link the first time!) and set my cooling rack on a cookie sheet. this allows for air to circulate all around the apple chips and helps them dry out rather than stewing in their own juices.

spray with a neutral oil and sprinkle on some sugar, cinnamon and salt to your taste.

you could add ginger, too, or nutmeg. or you know what else i bet would taste great? garam masala (mm… haven’t made spice-roasted chickpeas in too long!) or even curry powder, depending on whether you want sweet or savory chips.

bake in a low, slow oven (200 or 250 degrees) for 2 hours, flipping once until they start to brown.

they won’t feel crispy until they start to cool, so don’t judge their doneness by that.

this is by far the easiest way to get that great autumn, apple-pie-baking smell all throughout your house with so little effort. oh, and they’re delicious, too!


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