broiled peaches with ice cream

In dessert on September 22, 2010 at 2:05 am

these are last-of-the-season peaches that weren’t all that good on their own, so i decided to spice them up a little.

it seemed like you couldn’t swing a cat this past summer without hitting grilled peaches and ice cream. but without access to a grill one night, i had to make do with the broiler.

first i cut my peaches in half and set up cut-side up on my broiler pan. (i sprayed them lightly with a neutral oil – in this case sunflower seed oil – but i’m not sure that was a necessary step.)

then i mixed about two tablespoons of brown sugar with a pinch of salt, a shake of cinnamon and a little ginger.

and added just enough grand marnier to get something between a sauce and a paste. you could use cointreau or whiskey. or orange juice, probably. even water if worse came to worse. whatever you have around to stick the sugar to the peaches.

i spooned this over the peach halves

and put them under the broiler, rotating once, for about 15 minutes

or until the sugar got all caramel-y and the peaches got soft and warm.

when i had seen this dessert before, there were crunchies of some sort on top of the ice cream. instead i used grapenut ice cream – with the crunchies built in!

i spooned whatever sauce was left over on top… and he added berry sauce to his.


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