what we ate, part deux

In travel on August 21, 2010 at 2:24 pm

remember what we ate last year on vacation?

well, here are some highlights of what we ate this year. i wish i had taken more pictures, but you need to  keep in mind that there is no electricity there, so if you’re eating fashionably late, it’s also too late (dark) to take pictures.

largemouth bass sour soup with bean noodles and fresh local veggies.

that’s him tucking into a plate of gluten-free blueberry pancakes with bacon on the side. this vacation, i learned how to cook – and how to truly appreciate – bacon. the secret? as crispy as possible. there were also kick-ass BCTs (that’s a BLT with thin slices of cucumber because i ran out of lettuce!)

cinnamon waffles with blueberry sauce and local maple syrup.

fisherman’s platter: fried smallmouth bass and pike with homemade tartar sauce and paprika potatoes. (fish to fryer in like 4 hours…)

okay, although not technically something i made, this is a vacation staple – grapenuts ice cream with chocolate sprinkles from dockside. (that’s vanilla ice cream packed full of grapenuts cereal. don’t knock it til you try it – it’s awesome.)

not pictured: sesame-ginger skirt steak, lobsters, grilled shrimp kabobs, a crazy baked pasta thing i made up, blueberry-peach “floor cake” (similar to crisp, but so named because one of the first times my mom made it, she dropped it on the floor… and then proceeded to serve it, i believe. a family vacation tradition. not the dropping – just the making and eating), pork chops, gazpacho…


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