“gourmet” tuna ‘ghetti

In dinner on July 22, 2010 at 2:25 am

i’m pretty sure i’ve mentioned here before one of my all-time favorite childhood dishes – my mom’s “tuna ‘ghetti.” this was one of her go-to dishes, but no one ever complained because it’s so delicious.

traditionally, tuna ‘ghetti is a can of crushed tomatoes, a can of tuna fish, some garlic… parm… (there’s also a white tuna ‘ghetti that has tuna, carrots, capers and white raisins. omg yum.) over spaghetti.

this time, though, i used leftovers to make a super fancy gourmet version!

instead of canned tomatoes, i started with a mixture of canned tomatoes and fresh. (of course, you want to start by sauteing a lot of garlic in olive oil.)

you definitely don’t want to over cook this. the point is for the fresh tomatoes to stay fresh. but they should get warm and soft.

then, instead of tuna, i shredded leftover cooked salmon steak.

add to the pot and let it heat through.

i also added some capers. of course.

add your cooked pasta to the pot, too, so it can soak up all the flavors.

just to guild the lily, i served with crumbled feta on top.

now that’s some fancy tuna ‘ghetti!


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