quinoa shepherd’s salad

In lunch on June 1, 2010 at 2:15 am

i got the inspiration for this salad from a classic summer favorite – turkish shepherd’s salad, which is chunky cucumber and fresh tomatoes, red onion and herbs.

to make it more of a hearty meal that i could eat for lunch all week, i added red quinoa, a little crumbled feta, and a bed of lettuce.

i started by cutting up one “english” or “hot house” cucumber. these are better than your classic cucumber because they have a) smaller and far fewer seeds and b) sweeter, tender skin that you don’t have to peel. you can find them at pretty much any grocery store wrapped in a plastic sleeve.

(yes, i’m planning on making enough to feed an army.)

then i halved a pint of cherry tomatoes, salted them and let them drain for a couple minutes. rise, dry well and add. this extracts some of their juice so they don’t water down your salad.

i also added half a red onion, fairly finely chopped.

meanwhile, i was cooking 2 and a half cups of red quinoa (cook according to box instructions – usually a 1 to 2 quinoa to water ratio).

did someone say red?!

this is a LOT of quinoa. if i didn’t live with a very hungry guy, it would feed moi for several weeks to a month.

i added the hot quinoa to the veggies and mixed well. i was hoping the heat would cook the veggies just a tiny bit.

then i added a balsamic vinaigrette and mixed well.

taste salad, adding more vinaigrette or salt to taste.

would make a great picnic side dish, too.


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