rice krispy treats

In dessert on May 27, 2010 at 1:10 am

i don’t often think about rice krispy treats. in my generic list of favorite desserts, they probably wouldn’t crack the top 10. but everyone now and then, i see  one at a bakery or somewhere, get the urge to try it, and remember how much i adore them.

there’s something about the simplicity of the sugar-vanilla flavor. and the incomparable texture. and then there was that version i had a year or more ago with piece of dried fruit in it… wow.

so i don’t know what made me start thinking about them, but on a recent trip to whole foods, the ingredients just ended up in my cart!

these are high-class rice krispy treats. clearly.

start by melting 1/4 cup (generally half a stick) of butter in a large pot.

while that’s doing its thing, roughly chop (as in, into big chunks) some dried fruit. optional, of course, and you can choose your own favorite kind. i used prunes, cherries and mango. (since they come in bulk at WF, i think i bought 8 cherries, 5 prunes and 3 slices of unsweetened mango for a grand total of about 18 cents each. apricots would have been great, too, but they didn’t have any.)

when the butter is melted, add the whole bag of mini marshmallows

and melt them, too.

[mother’s warning!! melted sugar is especially hot and impossible to get off your skin while it’s burning you! be careful!]

when they’re just about totally melted, add a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of vanilla.

then add the fruit, stirring well

and 5 cups (almost a whole box) of rice krispies (generic or name brand, although we like this WP kind. they were denser than the name brand and had better “tooth”). mix well to cover the cereal completely.

now it’s important to work quickly. dump (or wrestle) the mixture into a brownie/cake pan. size doesn’t matter here – if the pan’s smaller, the bars will be thicker. if it’s bigger, they’ll be thinner.

spritz a spatula with some cooking spray and use it to smooth out the mixture. it’s the only way.

let cool for about 15 minutes (if you can!) and then flip out of pan.

cut into bars or shapes.

viva la simple, easy and kick-ass dessert! i don’t even miss the chocolate.


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