dinner in las vegas

In travel on May 5, 2010 at 4:28 am

oh vegas. you are like disney world on porn.

while there for work, i decided to make the most of my per diem and try out one of mario batali’s restaurants in the venetian. i had never tried a batali restaurant and i had very high hopes.

the restaurant was called enoteca san marco, and it was right on “st. mark’s square.”

here’s the menu:

for the first course, i had to try the fried squash blossoms. i’ve heard so much about them, but this was my first taste.

the outside was crispy-crunchy and tasted faintly of squash. the filling was ricotta with mint and anchovy. delicious. would order them again.

(i was also drinking a really hearty, in-your-face white wine, which paired very well.)

first complaint: my entree came while i was still savoring my appetizer. this happened to the table next to me, too, so i know it wasn’t just that i was eating too slowly.

my entree was saffron and marjoram pasta with mussels. i didn’t know the taste of marjoram, but once i started eating, it made me want to keep going and going! the pasta was cooked perfectly for my taste – very al dente.

and the portion size was perfect for my appetite, although perhaps a little small for a $20 plate.

dessert menu:

i chose the third:

which was… just ok.

the vanilla gelato was a little too sweet, and the date fritters were much too doughy.

my verdict? tasty overall, but didn’t blow me away.


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