risotto with peas

In technique on April 14, 2010 at 2:02 am

this is a very yummy early spring dish that can be modified with whatever early-spring veggies you have around – peas, asparagus, whatever. (actually, it’s a very yummy anytime dish, but i’m trying to work with a theme here!)

start by heating up about three cups of chicken broth/water. i used two cups broth and one cup of water. don’t bring it to a boil, but it needs to be hot.

also, cut up an onion. or in my case, since i didn’t have an onion, a chopped a measly half shallot and a clove of garlic instead.

melt half a tablespoon of butter with a tablespoon or so of olive oil.

add the onion/shallot/garlic/leek/whatever and cook until soft, not brown.

add a cup and a half of arborio rice (this is actually important) and cook for about two minutes, stirring.

next i added about half a cup (or “one dump”) of white wine, and let it cook down.

then came my decadent part:

some parmesan rind. a fairly traditional addition to risotto (if you’re not making it in a risotto BOWL… i wish!)

so i tossed that in, too.

now here’s the technique when it comes to risotto: add a cup of (hot) broth, cook it down. add more, cook it down. over and over, stirring frequently. this makes the risotto creamy and gives it that special risotto texture, which isn’t just cooked rice.


when the rice was almost ready, i added another “dump” of white wine and a cup and a half of frozen peas (and some salt).

cook until the peas are heated through, the wine has cooked down and the rice is done.

the whole process sounds long and complicated, but it really only takes 20-30 minutes and is totally worth it.

when serving, i added a squeeze of lemon juice for freshness, a healthy sprinkle of parmesan, some freshly ground pepper and some baby broccoli on the side.

  1. I just bought the biggest VAT of arborio. I’m going ot make it this weekend. YUM.

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