quick-marinated mushrooms

In munchie on March 30, 2010 at 12:33 am

this one goes out to my grandmother, who has taught me the glories of the “cocktail munchie.”

these quick-marinated mushrooms are super tasty with your 5 o’clock cocktail, or try them like i served them, as a “relish” with steak.

let me also just say, for you crazies out there who don’t think you like mushrooms, this is the way to start liking them. made this way, they mostly just taste brown and vinegary.

i used a pound of mushrooms

but they are so good, i really recommend you start with more. especially because they cook down so much.

cut into even-sized pieces, so in wholes, halves, quarters… whatever, depending on size.

mix your dressing. for one pound of mushrooms, use one tablespoon of mayonnaise and one tablespoon of red wine vinegar.

i added a few shakes of worchestershire sauce, a pinch of salt, pepper, some dried oregano and some dried basil.

mix well.

add the vinegarette and the mushrooms to a saute pan over medium heat.

cook for about 13 minutes, stirring occasionally…

until they release their juices

and the sauce gets thick.

almost there…


transfer to a bowl immediately so they stop cooking, and pour one more teaspoon of red wine vinegar over them while they’re still very hot to add a last dash of bright tanginess.

serve at room temp or cold.

  1. oh thank god, you’re back.

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