silpat pizza

In technique on March 17, 2010 at 1:38 am

i found another use for my silpat!

that’s right – pizza.

instead of rolling the pizza dough out on the counter and lifting it into the pan, i rolled it out on my silpat.

then i dressed it on the silpat (yes, we were sharing a pizza; yes, we clearly have different tastes in pizza; and yes, he eats more than i do so we account for that!)

i had the oven and the baking sheet preheated and when the pizza was ready to go in, i just lifted the whole silpat right on to the baking sheet!

the best part? it didn’t stick to the pan at all!

the only downside is that you cannot – i repeat, canNOT – use a knife on a silpat, so we used a technique from our favorite asian restaurant, and cut the pizza with kitchen shears.

there was so little clean up it was criminal. which makes dinner even that much more enjoyable!

have i convinced you to get your own yet?!


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