green eggs and pasta

In dinner on March 12, 2010 at 2:56 pm

this is by far, the weirdest recipe i’ve ever made (up). and i literally didn’t know where it was going to end when i started.

i had very little in the house and i was trying to make something at least half-way healthy (as in, not tapioca cream!).

i remembered a cold pasta salad recipe from mark bittman, where he said the main idea was actually spinach salad with pasta rather than pasta salad with spinach, and i thought that was a good starting off point. except that it’s winter, so you better believe i’m going to make something warm.

anyway, i started by cooking some garlic-parsley linguini.

then i roughly chopped some baby spinach.

before draining my pasta, i took out some of the pasta water.

this is always a great idea – especially if you don’t exactly know what your sauce is going to look like – because you can add it at the end to make any sauce both thicker and wetter at the same time (if that makes any sense…).

i put a little water in the bottom of the sauce pot (one-pot dinner!)

and added the spinach for just a minute or two. (incidentally, spinach is one of those vegetables that is actually healthier when you cook it slightly. heat releases the good stuff.) then i dumped the hot pasta on top

and poured a little bit of cream over it, thinking i’d go for light alfredo-y sauce.

but then i remembered i had an egg, and decided to switch gears to a carbonara-y sauce.

so i turned the heat way down under my pasta and beat the egg with a little pasta water, salt and pepper.

then i poured it over the pasta and let it cook until it just started firming up. if you cook it too long, you’ll get scrambled eggs and pasta, so take it off the heat a second before you think it will be ready since it will keep cooking in the pot.

serve with cheese!

overall, it needed a little extra salt, but that’s allowed. otherwise, the flavor was good and the sauce was smooth and velvety. that’s what i call kitchen improv.


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