toasted macaroni

In technique on March 11, 2010 at 2:48 pm

this is one of those recipes that someone in cooking-blog-world makes and then a bunch of people (including me, i guess!) just have to try and then it pops up all over the place.

the reviews – so far – have been glowing. i, however, will be more tempered in my praise: the recipe itself was good – as in, the flavors were great at the end. when i made it, i didn’t have all the ingredients called for, but i don’t think that changes my verdict.

because honestly, neither of us thought that toasting the pasta added anything to the dish except time. so, i will make the dish again, but i will omit the toasting step.

i guess that means i’m not recommending this technique.

start by slicing mushrooms (you can check the recipe for exact amounts. i used what i had in the fridge… two different kinds)

add to a skillet over med heat with some olive oil and/or butter (actually, using a combination is a great idea that i use a lot – you get the flavor of butter, but the oil lets it get hotter without burning) and saute.

while they’re cooking, i minced a bunch of garlic and measured out some dried herbs. the recipe calls for fresh, but i didn’t have any.

add to the mushrooms and cook just until the garlic starts to smell, which means it’s cooking.

transfer to a bowl.

here’s the part i would leave out… melt butter in your skillet, toss the pasta to coat, then start toasting it.

starting to toast. keep stirring to make sure it doesn’t burn.

finally (about 10 minutes later!) it seems nice and toasty. add chicken broth to cover the pasta.

bring to a boil and then simmer until the pasta is cooked and the chicken broth has cooked down a little.

then you add the mushrooms back in, along with a splash of cream.

along with grated cheese and more herbs. heat through.

i definitely recommend you make this recipe… modified. and next time i make it, i’m going to use the wine called for!

but as i said, we liked it.

[if you missed it at the top and are now hungry, here’s the recipe again.]


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