In guest on March 8, 2010 at 2:41 pm

you may recognize this guest blogger’s signature texan style from her chile rellenos. i’m glad she’s back with another lone star classic… reinvented!

last weekend my boyfriend came up from texas to celebrate my birthday and valentine’s day, and to make sure i wasn’t exaggerating about all this snow.  i was excited to spend time with him and even more so because he was going to make his famous enchiladas, or clintchiladas, for me.  living in dc makes me miss texas where there is no shortage of great enchiladas, however there is something special about these- and it’s more than just the man behind them!  it’s been adapted from a neat restaurant in austin called vivo, and can be modified by adding beef, chicken, and even shrimp.

your grocery cart will include these yummy ingredients:

2 large green bell peppers
2 or 3 poblano chiles
4 or 5 jalapeno peppers
a big ol’ block of monterey jack cheese
a quart of heavy whipping cream, you won’t use all of it, but better safe than sorry
corn tortillas
olive oil

if you want really spicy sauce, feel free to add serrano peppers to the mix.  if you’re so inclined pick up any shrimp, shredded chicken, or shredded beef for the filling.

first lightly coat the peppers and chiles with olive oil, salt and pepper.  place on a baking sheet and set in the oven at 425 degrees or in the broiler for about a half hour.  keep a close eye on them because as soon as they start to blister and char the process moves pretty quickly.  at the 15 minute marker start to check them every few minutes and turn them so they blister evenly. once they are soft they are ready to be taken out. your kitchen will smell so delicious!

cut the stems off the chiles and put them into a blender.  add whipping cream a little at a time until creamy.

pour some olive oil in a pan and start to warm. while it’s heating, shred the block of cheese into a big bowl and set aside. once the olive oil is hot, flash fry the tortillas one at a time and set aside two or three.

put plenty of cheese into the center of the tortilla and roll closed.  place in the casserole  dish and repeat with the other tortillas. it’s easier to fry a few tortillas at a time and then fill with cheese versus frying all of them at once.  if you want beef, chicken or shrimp inside the filling this is the time to add it.

finally you’ll have a full casserole dish!  you’re almost there!

evenly spread the chile and cream sauce over the tortillas.  there should be plenty leftover and you’ll want to hang on to it.

grate the rest of the cheese over the enchiladas, the more cheese the better.

place dish in the oven, which is around 350-400 degrees.  keep an eye on it and take it out when the cheese is melty and delicious. i think it took about 15 minutes.

serve with refried beans, rice of your choice, and an ice cold corona. can’t you just hear the mariachis?  enjoy!


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