tuna melt 2.0

In dinner on March 5, 2010 at 2:19 pm

as a child, my favorite sandwich was the tuna melt. as an adult, my favorite sandwich may be the tuna melt from pot belly’s. (where else can you find tuna salad without celery in it except my own kitchen?!)

so, using my all-time favorite ingredient (trader joe’s pizza crust), i revamped the tuna melt for dinner.

i started by draining my tuna really well. i usually just squeeze the water out in the can, but i wanted the filling very dry so it didn’t mess up the dough.

then i cut carrot matchsticks. one of the best parts of pot belly’s tuna melt is the carrot. it’s genius.

i mixed the tuna with a spoonful of mayo and a large spoonful of mustard.

now, i realize my mom just about had a heart attack reading that because usually i say that tuna salad just isn’t worth eating without about an entire jar of relish in it. for some reason, though, i just thought the mustard would be better with the carrot… and drier in the filling. i don’t know, ok! it’s a tospy turvey world.

there was also salt, pepper and garlic powder involved.

and a lot of cheese.

then i rolled the pizza dough, cut it into fours and filled it like my mini calzones.

except this time, i folded the edges under

and cut slits in the top to let out steam.

brush with a little olive oil and bake at 450 degrees until golden brown on top.

serve with baby broccoli for a complete dinner, or reheat for lunch on the go.

  1. i’m assuming this met your delicious standards as it does appear on the blog. is that a consideration I should always assume

  2. i may post something that didn’t turn out so well… but i would certainly let you know :)

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