In challenge on February 23, 2010 at 2:10 pm

i have always wanted to try making pasta from scratch, so during one of the blizzards of the snowfecta, i gave it a go.

they make it look so easy on tv – make a little bowl out of flour, pour in egg, mix together, et VOILA!

actually, that is sort of how it goes… but a little bit messier. here’s my flour bowl (2 cups):

and here are my three eggs and two tablespoons of water:

fannie farmer, whose recipe i was following, wanted me to actually beat the eggs in the flour bowl. thank god i had the forethought to avoid that mess. i beat them first.

but then i started thinking that it looked like not enough flour to the amount of egg i was supposed to pour in there… turns out i was right, and i ended up with a giant puddle of egg on the table that i had to quickly gather up with flour.

but eventually…

i was able to knead it until smooth.

(this means, of course, that fannie was in fact right in her proportions, and maybe i was wrong in shaping my flour bowl?)

anyway, now is when this guy comes into play:

you can definitely make pasta without a pasta machine – just get out a big old rolling pin and go to town. i have to say, though, i bet it’s easier this way.

it took two people (him on the crank and me feeding the dough through) but we managed to wrangle the dough into submission eventually.

this is the first time it went through. it was too wet and tore a little, so we dusted it with flour, folded it over and tried again.

much better (although i’m wishing i had a straight table and not a round one right about now). at this point, we cut the dough into shorter sections and tightened the dial to make it even thinner.

when it was finally at the thinness we desired, we switched to the cutting side of the machine. the first piece that went through wasn’t all that successful – it just didn’t cut cleanly.

so he had the idea to throw the other pieces of dough in the freezer for just a minute before running them through, and that helped immensely. probably not the most traditional method, but hey.

once it’s all cut, you’re supposed to hang the pasta over a broom handle to let it dry briefly. seriously, the recipe calls for one boom handle. i, however, am a modern woman and only have a swifter.

after only a few minutes (i only waited as long as it took to boil water and get my sauce warmed up), we cooked the pasta. unlike dried pasta, it only take 2-3 minutes.

then we topped it with some homemade chicken adobo.

OMG YUM. unlike dry pasta, fresh pasta actually contributes a flavor to the dish, not just carbs. and the texture is so different, as well – much more tender and chewy.

i would definitely be up for making pasta again sometime. i think once you get the hang of it, you can probably fly through the process, although i did end up with more than a little flour on my rug.

  1. I have not been brave enough to make make homemade sketties yet. I did make homemade gnocchi with great success. But you already did that {brush off your shoulders}

  2. I just cannot express how much I love that your drying rack was your swiffer mop. AMAZING.

  3. hey incredible crunchy goddess, loved this post. homemade pasta makes life worth living. to cut the process into pieces, you can make the pasta dough ahead of time and put it in the freezer. the day you want to eat the pasta, put the dough in the fridge and roll it out when you’re ready to cook.

  4. what fabulous advice! i will do it. thanks!!

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