president’s day

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some presidential food trivia for your day off:

the early guys – jefferson, madison, monroe – loved french food because they had spent so much time abroad during and after the revolution.

millard filmore (1850-1853) modernized the white house kitchens. up until his presidency, cooking was done on colonial-style open hearths.

mrs. lincoln loved strawberries and threw strawberry socials.

according to historians, garfield really liked squirrel soup.

taft was a big eater. one breakfast was noted to include: grapefruit, potted partridge, broiled venison, grilled partridge, waffles with maple syrup and butter, hominy, hot rolls, bacon and more venison.

wilson loved chicken salad.

the eisenhowers were rumored to prefer tv dinners.

here’s much more about lbj‘s favorites than you probably know about yourself.

the reagans ate breakfast together every morning at 7:45.

bush 41 hated cauliflower and brussel sprouts.

according to the clinton white house, the persident’s favorites were chicken enchiladas, bananas, apples and vegetable beef soup, but that seems like a cleaned-up version to me.

the obamas like things fresh from the garden,

and bartlet hated green beans.

[complied from foodtimeline]

  1. that was epic

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