immersion blender

In tool on February 5, 2010 at 1:58 pm

back in early december, we were the unwitting and very grateful recipients of a significant amount of kitchen equipment.

one of the things that found its way to my kitchen, that i’m just getting around to using, is an immersion blender.

i’ve always been intrigued by immersion blenders, but figured it was something i could do without. i mean, i have a food processor, and one of my favorite “blended” soups is actually not blended at all.

but then i tried it.

the recipe i decided to test was my favorite coconut curry squash soup. (ugh, just thinking about it makes my mouth water.)

and i did everything i could to trick the immersion blender. i chopped my onions in large chunks and left the garlic cloves almost whole. i also used spaghetti squash which is notoriously stringy. (maybe good for the experiment, but not so good for the flavor of the soup… stick with acorn and butternut unless you’re testing your immersion blender.)

in other words, it was chunky.

but then i started blending.

and… VOILA!

no chunks, no strings… just beautifully creamy soup in less than two minutes.

so, could i do without an immersion blender? yes. do i want to? no thanks.


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