shrimp and tomato spaghetti

In dinner on January 13, 2010 at 3:46 pm

one evening i was sitting at work browsing some food blogs, and i came across a lovely picture of shrimp pasta.

shrimp pasta is not actually something i generally think about, and it’s certainly not in my usual rotation of weeknight meals, but it looked so good…i ran home and made it.

turns out it was tasty, easy, healthy and cheap enough to make again often (around $15 for two servings). AND i was able to grab everything i needed at the little market in my building, so i didn’t even have to make a grocery store run. double credit!

start by getting all your ingredients ready. i’m not one to usually be this prepared, but the sauce comes together so quickly (and you do NOT want to overcook your shrimp!) that it’s best to take a moment to prep.

you need: about half a small can (or in this case, a third of a large can) of chopped tomatoes (or whole canned tomatoes chopped, whichever is available), the shrimp (frozen or fresh. if you use frozen, go about the recipe the same way, just make sure the shrimp fully defrost during their time in the wine), a little less than a cup of frozen peas (these can definitely be left out, but i had some leftover in the back of freezer, so why not add some color and a serving of veggies?), some leftover white wine (about half a cup? maybe a little more?), a handful of chopped cilantro or flat-leaf parsley (you only use flat-leaf parsley, right? none of that curly-leaf, please) and a slice of lemon.

start your water boiling. i used parsley garlic pasta (which is why i didn’t put any garlic in the sauce, but you make that call depending on your own taste and preference for garlic).

start by heating a small sautee or sauce pan to medium-high. salt and pepper the shrimp, then add them to the pan and start them cooking.

once they start to brown just a little, add the wine, tomatoes and peas.

cook until the shrimp are pink, but seriously, don’t overcook. nothing worse than a tough shrimp.

add the cilantro or parsley and stir to combine.

then drain your pasta, put it back in the hot pan, and dump your shrimp, et. al. on top. mix well to coat the pasta with yummy wine-tomato sauce.

add a squeeze of lemon before serving.


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