what my kitchen (and i) got for christmas

In tool on January 6, 2010 at 2:10 pm

now that i have a food blog and everyone knows just how much i love cooking, i guess i’m pretty easy to buy presents for.

of course you remember the early christmas present from his mother – the rice cooker a.k.a bread machine – but here’s what else was added to my kitchen this season:

ok, not actually FOR me, but from me (to him). a tajine, or north-african cooking vessel. we haven’t made anything moroccan in it yet, but he did make a great chicken stew-ish thing. the virtue of the tajine is that steam collects in the “chimney” and drips back down into the food, keeping it extra moist and flavorful.

two fabulous two-serving-sized dessert pans – a spring form (generally used for cheesecake. that little buckle opens and lets the form expand, thereby releasing the cake from the pan easily) and a tart ring, which has a removable bottom, also for easy cake release. the first thing i’m planning on making in the ring is a chocolate ganache tart with an orange crumb crust. (by the way, did you know “ganache” is french for “fool”? try not to think about that the next time you come across a chocolate ganache-frosted cupcake…)

two cookbooks (you’ll be seeing much more indian food around these parts soon…), a margarita glass-shaped cookie cutter (i’m already trying to figure out how i can make a margarita-flavored cookie), a silpat (from me to me! more on that later) and a plastic pastry or basting brush, great for applying egg white, olive oil, etc. i had a natural-fiber one, but it never seemed to get entirely clean… this one will.

cake decorating set. i’m in love. look at all those tips! my cookies and cupcakes will never be the same again!

an 18 year-old balsamic, a champagne-pear balsamic you almost want to drink straight up, a delicious olive oil and truffle salt! maybe now i can make my own truffle fries…

what did your kitchen get for christmas?

  1. please for the love of all that is holy post a recipe of truffle fries RIGHT NOW. NOW! DO IT NOW! :)

  2. Exciting!! I got a 7 cup cuisinart food processor (which will replace my trusty old but somewhat inadequate teeny 3 cup hamilton beach model that I bought at big lots in brunswick), a cookie press set, and new kitchenaid mixer attachments. Fun fun fun! Happy cooking/baking in 2010!

  3. “FROM JULIA CHILD’S KITCHEN” – 1979 cookbook
    Shallot/Leek/truffle/olive drizzling oil – INCREDIBLE poured over hot ham, asparagus and a poached egg.
    Spanish sea salt, HUGE crystal/nuggets great for roasting anything and everything

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