easy chicken noodle soup

In lunch on December 8, 2009 at 2:03 pm

or more accurately: “one-serving cream of ice box chicken noodle soup”

i started with about a cup and a half of leftover chicken broth.


i added one cup water (since i knew it was going to boil down a bit anyway), a bay leaf, some chopped onion, a few leftover carrots, freshly ground pepper, a few splashes of worshestershire (when do i not?) and some random dried herbs.



(don’t add salt until you’ve tasted it at the very end. store-bought chicken broth tends to be super salty already, and that flavor will only become more concentrated when you boil it.)


i brought this to a boil and added mini pesto tortellini.

have a shown you these before? they are supremely adorable.


i let it boil until the pasta was done, about 15 minutes. in this amount of time, my carrots and onions cooked appropriately, too, but if your pasta takes a shorter time, make sure your veggies get done.


if you had leftover cooked chicken breast hanging around, i’d cube it, turn the heat down to a simmer and throw it in just long enough to warm it, too.

serve with some grated parm on top – tastes just like mom made!


(okay, not exactly like mom made… but still yummy and warm and a great quick lunch for a grey saturday afternoon!)


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