tapioca cream

In dessert on December 3, 2009 at 2:05 pm

this heavenly dessert is worlds away from what you might think of when you hear “tapioca” – that cold congealed lump from the school cafeteria or a jello pudding cup.

no no. tapioca cream is fluffy and light and best served warm late at night.

[disclaimer! none of these pictures will be fabulous because tapioca is white on white on yummy and, not being a professional, i had trouble capturing it.]

tapioca cream is a two-step process, and a roommate or sous-chef comes in handy. but if you want it badly enough, you can certainly manage alone.

follow box instructions for proportions, but briefly, start by heating your tapioca in milk with some sugar and an egg yolk.

this needs to be stirred constantly, which is where the roommate comes in. while it is cooking, you also have to beat an egg white with sugar until soft peaks form.

not quite there yet…

(you can tell by now that making tapioca alone is hard enough, but trying to take pictures at the same time is next to impossible. everything i do, i do it for you.)

when the milk bubbles and the egg is softly peaking, mix the two together quickly, while stirring constantly. the heat of the milk just barely cooks the egg, and the egg in turn makes the milk fluffy and delicious!

it’s sad, really. this picture doesn’t do it the least bit of justice.

therefore i recommend you make tapioca for yourself immediately. if only for research and accuracy purposes… to.. um.. better understand this post. yeah, that’s why…


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