german dinner

In travel on December 2, 2009 at 2:13 pm

as i’ve mentioned before here, my family (at least parts of it) is german so we have some awesome german recipes up our sleeves. like warm potato salad.

and we really love us some german food, especially when our whole little family gets together for special occasions. like 89th birthdays.

this is called sauerbraten – the best, most tender sweet-sour pot roast you can possibly imagine. and it’s served with knudel, or mashed potato dumplings.

[we actually used alton brown’s recipe and it was breathtaking. the marinade was started three days in advance and traveled to boston in a zip-lock bag with the meat!]

extra sauce on the side, please!

and what goes better with sauerbraten than red cabbage?

yes, those are bacon crumbles on top. go grandma!

and for dessert, a modified schwartz valder kirschtorte, in english commonly known as a black forest cake.

traditionally, chocolate cake with ganache and sour cherries, but modified for healthier eating habits here – vegan chocolate cake, well doused with kirsch (cherry liquor), layered with cherry-filled whipped cream and whipped cream on top with a cocoa dusting.

happy birthday, grampy!


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