spaghetti carbonara

In recipe on December 1, 2009 at 1:53 pm

what i had for thanksgiving dinner:

that’s right – spaghetti carbonara.

it’s a long story that involves a seven hour drive to boston, a thanksgiving meal that was served between 10:30 am and 1:00 pm, and three thai restaurants who all observed the holiday by closing.

suffice it to say, i think a new tradition has been born.

traditionally, carbonara does not include cream like it does in most restaurants today, and actually involves only four ingredients (if you don’t count salt, pepper and the spaghetti):

garlic. bacon. eggs. parmesan. you got a problem with that?

start by setting your pasta water to boil. slice three strips of bacon and crisp them in a frying pan.

towards the end, add two cloves minced garlic and lightly color. (if it gets too brown it gets bitter.)

in a serving dish, beat two eggs very well and flavor with salt and pepper.

grate about half a cup of parm.

when your pasta is done, use tongs to transfer it directly into the eggs. mix thoroughly. the hot pasta will cook the egg. then mix in the bacon, garlic and cheese.

now that’s worth giving thanks for…! (serves two)

[recipe from everybody’s favorite, ruth reichl. if you have any interest in food, or restaurants, or restaurant reviewing, or really clever writing, you should pick up one of her books.]


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