cream of ice box calzones

In dinner on October 16, 2009 at 2:26 pm

boy was i in bad spot the other night. i was in charge of dinner for both of us (read: no cold cereal), but i was literally out of everything. except a 99-cent trader joe’s pizza crust! and some leftover ground turkey! hooray! pizza is easy and healthy (-ish. when i make it.)

unless you don’t have sauce. or enough cheese. oops.

literally, i had less than a cup of marinera sauce, and about as much cheese. (so little, this bottle actually looks empty…)


rummaging, i found the end of a jar (about a quarter cup) of trader joe’s roasted red pepper and artichoke tapenade. (this is pantry staple for me. dip it, spread it, top pasta with it, eat it with a spoon…)


all into a bowl together… uh oh. still not enough to even cover the pizza.


at this point, i had a hungry man breathing down my neck, so i had to think fast.

mini calzones?! (i had seen giada do something like this, although granted, hers were a little more sophisticated and premeditated.)


i separated the little cheese i had between the four, pinched the edges together, and brushed the tops with olive oil and a little grated parm. (i should say “grated parm rind” because it was really the end of the block.)


bake like a pizza – at 450 degrees for about 13 minutes or until the outside browns. (since the turkey was precooked, i just had to get it hot and the cheese melty.)


i honestly didn’t know what to expect, but…


now tell me – what’s wrong with that dinner?! (and after he had two, i still had one leftover for lunch! always the sign of a successful meal at my house.)


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