drunken raisin and oatmeal pancakes

In dinner on October 2, 2009 at 1:28 pm

when i’m home alone, i usually treat myself to my favorite thing – breakfast for dinner. sometimes that means a bowl of cereal, but this particular night i was feeling rather lush (it was a thursday, bien sur!), so breakfast for dinner meant drunken raisin and oatmeal pancakes.


start by getting your raisins drunk. put them in a bowl and cover them with grand marnier or similar. let them plump while you make the rest of the batter – or as long as you can. (you are also welcome to get drunk along with them. wouldn’t want them to feel lonely. or like alcoholics, drinking alone.)


[a note about golden raisins: if you don’t like regular raisins, give golden raisins a try before you write off raisins all together. they are more tender, less chewy and have a sweeter, more delicate flavor.]

for another recipe, i had bought a box of bisquick, so i quartered the pancake recipe to make just four pancakes. (yes, this meant splitting an egg. difficult, but doable. crack egg into bowl and beat very well, then spoon it into two more bowls, alternating, so you get roughly half an egg in both. this is not fail-safe, but generally works well enough for these purposes.)

next i added the raisins (and their grand marnier) to the batter, along with a cup of oatmeal. (doesn’t the oatmeal dry out the batter, you ask? indeed. hence the half-cup of booze.)


cooked ’em up in my cast iron pan



and enjoyed with a little maple syrup. NEVER serve maple syrup cold from the fridge. it’s the little things, right?


who says dinner alone has to be boring?


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