a homemade week

In guest on September 28, 2009 at 1:23 pm

i think i’ve told you about my bestie, the brand new mrs. b. she was the one with the incredible healthy life make-over, so i’m really proud to present her new healthy gallivanting in the kitchen!

good morning ICFers!  i’m so thrilled to have invited myself to write a guest post on my favorite food blog. i was absolutely thrilled when the ICF CEO conceived of this internet glimpse into my kitchen,  as i’ve been following her culinary adventures for almost 4 years {!!} as we are besties here in the district of columbia.  i’ve been threatening to guest post long before ICF was a condo-hold name and i’m ecstatic that i finally have something tasty to contribute to the land of ICF. As a fellow blogger, i find ICF enriching, enlightening and most of all delicious.

now that my flagrant ICF worship is complete, on with the yummies!  as a newly married career gal, i find feeding me and my husband on the week nights to be a challenge and a chore. this resulted, for the entirety of our engagement and the first month of marriage, in our eating out almost EVERY NIGHT of the working week. while we are both able to make good choices and not go hog wild on burgers and fries while we’re out, we quickly realized that our bank account could really use a reprieve from this constant abuse. plus all the fabulous gifts one is given to celebrate marriage {please see:  mixer, kitchen aid; griddler, cuisinart} were collecting dust. so, in a very enterprising move, as part of my day zero project , i’ve challenged myself to make dinner for my husband and i every single night of the week for one entire month. to prepare, i spent this past week scoping out delicious, healthy new recipes to prepare, eat and blog about. here is a sampler of what you’ll see over at wife and blog: {thank you for allowing such blatant blog plugging!!!}

day 1:  stuffed bell peppers


a huge hit. easily my husband’s new favorite dinner!

day 2:  mexican lasagna


no week is complete without some mexican in it! this recipe can really be vegged-out and light on the cheese to make it super healthy and filling! great for left overs!

day 2.5:  red velvet cake


a major icing disaster. ALWAYS consult your friendly neighborhood ICF before trying to make your own frosting!!

day 3:  homemade bbq chicken pizza


inspired by an old ICF favorite, this new twist left my husband begging for more {lucky for him there are about 78 days of left overs from this triumph!!}

day 4:  turkey burgers


getting lazy near the end, but turkey burgers a healthy, nutritious alternative to our favorite fast food guilty pleasure.

day 5:  homemade chicken alfredo


HOLY ALFREDO! this recipe made so much i might have to serve alfredo sauce for breakfast — for the next year.

and there you have it. 5 full days of delicious food plus two full weekend days full of delicious flavors. stop on over at wife and blog anytime for more of my forays into wifely kitchen-hood and to see if my new found prowess rubs off onto my husband!!

special thanks to ICF for inspiring this new homemade lifestyle and supplying one or more recipes for next week and countless support and tips!!

i can’t wait for my next dinner invitation from casa de wifeandblog!


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