prep bowls

In tool on September 18, 2009 at 4:11 pm

boy, do you feel like a professional when you use prep bowls.


mis en place is the official (read: french – “meez an plass”) term for getting all your ingredients ready before you start cooking, and it ideally includes lots of these little bowls. unfortunately, i’m such a dump-and-guesser that i’m generally not that prepared.

but even if you don’t set a perfect “mis,” prep bowls come in handy all the time for minced garlic, pre-measured spices, chopped herbs, a separated egg, olive oil, portion-controlled ice cream at midnight, etc etc etc.




a very small – but worthwhile – investment. look for packs of six at the container store, bb&b or your other favorite home-goods store.

  1. great advice! I’ve collected a slew from various pyrex sets I acquire {and break — you know the big pieces} What I REALLY need is that olive oil brush! You should have seen me trying to get the OO spead nicely on the pizza dough with the back of a stand mixer scraper — YIKES!

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