kdub’s individual potato casseroles

In guest on September 14, 2009 at 1:24 pm

kdub and i certainly had some adventures in kitchen 805! she has taught me a lot and continues to impress me with her culinary creations. her cake lollipops are a particular favorite of mine, she’s a master of the slow cooker, and she throws a wicked dinner party. look forward to her being a recurring guest here at icf.

i am so honored to be icf’s guest blogger! i’ve known icf for years and i’m glad she’s finally blogging about her kitchen escapades.  this girl is one whiz in the kitchen and i will always cherish the super-secret family recipe passed down through generations (could be!) that she taught me how to make so many moons ago.  while you might think that’s what i’m going to share here today, sadly, you are mistaken. it wouldn’t be super-secret then, would it?? (more on that in my next post.)

“kdub’s individual potato casseroles” are what i made this weekend and take no time at all. i just had a birthday and was lucky enough to get what i’ve always wanted: a mandolin! it cuts foods super thin and in a variety of shapes. i used mine to slice a potato in 1/8” thick slices but you can easily use a knife it you’re careful.


see? easy, and i left the skin on.


next salt and pepper the potato slices and season with a bit of garlic powder. layer the slices in a ramekin with chopped red onion, sliced mushrooms, and some broccoli florets (or pretty much any vegetable you have laying around.)


continue to layer until you reach the top. scramble one raw egg in a bowl and pour over everything in the ramekin. it will drip down during the cooking process.


sprinkle (generously) cheese on top. i used a combo of cheddar and mozzarella. any will do.


bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes until the cheese in bubbling. enjoy right away!


editor’s note: shout out to her iphone for taking such great pictures!

  1. Is this a recipe you would advise to keep to the small ramekin or could I make a big ol’ honkin’ one in my medium sized casserole?

  2. I have also made it in a large casserole dish and it comes out just fine!

  3. great news! how delic!

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