kosher pickles

In munchie on September 9, 2009 at 1:17 pm

i don’t think about pickles on a daily basis. honestly, weeks might go by when i haven’t thought of a pickle. it’s not that i don’t like them, but i really only eat them when i’m on vacation. and if you ask me, bread and butter pickles are the only way to go.

but back in july, this hungry guy i live with mentioned randomly how much he loves dill pickles. especially crispy ones.

then just a few days later, what is my “how to cook everything mark bittman 2009 calendar recipe of the day”?? KOSHER PICKLES. talk about karma… or something. but since i love a challenge (and feeding that hungry guy i live with) i decided to give it a shot.

let me just say, the hungry guy didn’t get as many homemade dill pickles as he thought he was going to get because my crew of taste-testers thought they were pretty darn good, too! i’m going to have to make more.

the recipe calls for 2 pounds of the small “kirby” cucumbers. unfortunately, all my farmer’s market had were the gigantic ones (i mean, GIGANTIC. 2 cucmbers = 2.6 pounds. yeah).

mark wanted you to cut them in halves or spears, but i’m a rebel (and dealing with truly massive vegetables), so i cut rounds instead.


throw them in a bowl with at least five crushed garlic cloves and a big ol’ bunch of fresh dill.


next, boil one cup of water mixed with 1/3 cup kosher salt and add a couple handfuls of ice to cool it down. pour over the cukes. then top with a  plate (to keep everything under the brine) and let sit about 6 hours (or longer) on the counter.


after that period, store in the fridge. they continue getting stronger-flavored, but keep for over a week…


…if you and your guests don’t munch them all first!


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