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In travel on September 8, 2009 at 1:09 pm

one of the things i love about vacation is the challenge of cooking local, fresh ingredients (some that were swimming just a few minutes before they hit the pan…) into delicious, healthy meals in a rather rustic kitchen situation. as you can imagine, there is lots of grilling. (and a few cocktails, too!)

so, i present what we ate, a retrospective:


salad of grilled chicken, peach and onion skewers on arugula with a lime-cumin vinaigrette.


wild new hampshire blueberry pancakes, chive scrambled eggs, roasted turkey bacon and paprika tri-colored homefries with onions.


sinigang (filipino sour soup) with largemouth bass, tomatoes, green beans, potatoes, kale and onions.


ricky cocktail – whiskey, lime juice and club soda. a tart and refreshing classic invented in the district of columbia!


pork loin marinated in basalmic vinegar with red wine apples, roasted garlic couscous and green beans.


pull-apart bread french toast with peach-blueberry sauce.


champagne thursday. comes on vacation, too!


grilled portobello mushroom caps stuffed with garlic tomatoes, and an arugula salad with purple beans (fresh from christina’s garden. i used them raw because when you cook them they turn green! boo!), red pepper, onion and cold fusilli pasta.


fried (freshly caught) fish fillets in an old bay batter with homemade tabouli salad.


my yearly “green dragon” (a.k.a. “green gasoline”) cocktail courtesy of the professor. i don’t know what’s in it, but YOWZA.


bugs!! they were too cheap up there to pass up. served with melted butter and lots of napkins!


poached eggs on croutons – my mom’s style. much better than on toast, because you get a more perfect egg-to-toast ratio in each bite.

now that’s an incredible crunchy vacation.

  1. yo. you ate better all weekend than I’ve eaten in my life time. Le sigh ;)

  2. Purple peppers, purple scallions, red onions even purple beans… they’re all traitors color wise when heat is applied… eating in the raw is best I suppose.

    Such great meals. Beautifully prepared and for the most part maddeningly simple if one has the touch, talent and love to apply. Wheee! I have guests this friday, our dear friends Ginny and David who have been away for two weeks being tortured on a hiking trip and I’m deciding between either blanquette de veau, chicken paprikash (I have cream and creme fresh in the fridge from) or vietnamese tamarind/garlic/black pepper stir fried crab. (I know what the Professor would choose) Any ideas for the creme fresh and cream other than injecting them directly into my veins?

  3. creme fresh needs to be eaten in gobs on mini whole-wheat rustic fruit tartlets!!!

  4. The selection of ingredients and presentation of finished dishes are amazing. Love the combination of the salad with grilled peaches, onions, and chicken with the lime/cumin dressing–sounds yummy. How you managed to create these beautiful meals in cottage on a lake is more than most could imagine. Julia would be impressed, to say the least! And, I don’t think even Julia could match your photographs!

  5. wow. i don’t even really know what to say… except, can i come on vacation next time? damn!

  6. try roasting to keep the purple veggies from losing their color. it works with purple cauliflower at least. 400-450 fahrenheit with olive oil, salt & pepper until forkable.

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