broccoli and chicken alfredo pizza

In challenge on August 26, 2009 at 2:46 pm
less than two weeks before her wedding, my bestie came over for dinner and requested broccoli and chicken alfredo pizza.having just done a total diet/lifestyle overhaul, i knew that even though she was craving possibly one of the least healthy dishes i could think of (okay, not really… i’m from delaware; i can think of deep-fried oreos) she would expect me to make something remotely good for her. unfortunately, this meant no super-buttery, creamy white sauce, but i knew it could still be super tasty.

the other challenge that occurred to me right away was that i hate icky dried-out chicken on pizza, which is what would happen if i wasn’t careful.

so, i started by poaching drumsticks in organic chicken broth, which would cook them, while keeping them super moist.


(aren’t these the cutest one-use broth boxes?! they come in packs of three at whole foods.)

to the broth i added a bay leaf, four smashed cloves of garlic, some dried herbes de provence and a tiny splash of white vinegar. and enough water to cover the chicken. (just under 2 pounds of chicken needed one cup of broth and about one cup of water.)


when the chicken was done, i took it out of the pot and shredded it. the broth went into a heat-safe measuring cup and i skimmed off some of the fat.

next i made a roux (pronounced “roo”… like kanga and) of 2 Tbsp butter and 2 Tbsp flour. (start with a roux for anything you want to thicken, like sauces or soups.)


cook it briefly to get rid of the flour taste and then start adding the broth. the roux will thicken your broth, making a lovely, super-chicken-flavored sauce, which i added the shredded chicken to, along with plenty of fresh parsley and chives.


then i spread it over my (tj’s 99-cent!!) pizza crust


and added frozen broccoli and the cheese


and into the oven (for awhile… both the crust and the toppings were pretty thick) until the cheese on the top was golden brown.


i swear you will not miss the cream in this alfredo!

  1. true story! soooo tasty!!

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