In breakfast on August 12, 2009 at 11:30 pm

when life gives you apples… (and that’s just what life did the other day, in the form of my coworker who bought baking apples by mistake. when he realized that baking apples are harder and more tart than regular apples, they came to me.)


…make applesauce!


don’t be scared! getting from apples to applesauce is really not as hard as it sounds.

first, chop up a whole mess of apples into large chunks. (these were organic – never mind the brown spots.)


put them in a large pot with an inch or two of water, just a sprinkling of sugar and a pinch of salt. (salt, you say? in something sweet?! yes, my friend. salt brings out the flavor. salt in everything, please. never mind your cholesterol.)

cook on medium-high heat until the apples are the consistency you want. i like mine pretty smooth – longer cooking time – but my mom likes hers chunky – shorter cooking time and less liquid. (if they need more liquid, just add a little more. if there’s too much, it will cook off.)


now think of the apples as merely a canvas. a blank slate on which to paint your saucy picture.

this time, i added two chopped peaches because that was what i had around, but my mom adds finely chopped fresh ginger to hers. and in the fall, i like to add raisins and cinnamon. or what about a vanilla bean? or a few handfuls of fresh raspberries or dried cranberries? or something you thought of that i didn’t!

the possibilities are endless. and delicious at any time of the day.

  1. NOM! I’m thinking about bringing you some of MB’s famed vanilla paste that we paid $67 but have nothing to use it for — until applesauce :)

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