polenta with white beans and tomatoes

In dinner on August 6, 2009 at 1:44 pm

this was one of my favorite childhood dinners. it was a go-to for my mom and i recently whipped it up for that guy i cook for sometimes…

as usual and not surprisingly, he suggested an improvement that i think needs to be a permanent addition to the recipe.

how good does this look?


traditionally, this dish was a puddle of polenta (use the easy quick-cook, available in pretty much any grocery store, but add lots of grated mozzarella) covered with a can of white beans and a can of crushed tomatoes, heated, salted, peppered and with plenty of dried rosemary.

the suggestion was to make a polenta pancake (cook it following directions on the box, then fry it up in a cast iron pan) for the glop to be served on. this is a major improvement because of the awesome crunchy texture and browned flavor the pancake adds to the dish.

  1. wow, that looks SUPER yummy… if you can imagine, I might actually give that one a try… although I have never bought or cooked polenta before but I do know how to eat it. :)

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