jelly-filled muffins

In breakfast on August 4, 2009 at 1:16 pm

in the tradition of my mother, i always keep a box of jiffy corn muffin mix in my pantry.


yes, i am secretly a 1940s housewife. you found me out.

this stuff is so quick and easy and makes a killer cornbread to go with chili or soup. but it also makes killer corn muffins. all you need is an egg, a splash of milk (or cream if you’re feeling decadent) and 15 minutes.

last weekend (since the girls had gotten yummy brunch the weekend before, i figured the boyfriend deserved something nice, right?)  i made up the batter with an extra tablespoon of sugar and the zest of one lemon. (okay, full disclosure, i used the juice of one lemon, but it wasn’t lemony enough and i wish i had used the zest instead. so let’s just pretend, k?)


the directions say for a better “dome” on your muffin, let the batter sit for a couple minutes, so that’s what it’s doing here. who doesn’t want a better dome?

so after waiting three minutes or so, i restirred and filled my muffin cups. then i added one spoonful of strawberry jelly on the top of each one. (you could use any kind, though. i bet blueberry rocks.)


after baking, the jelly ends up in the middle of the muffin. magic, huh?!


(and check out that dome…!)

need i say more?



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