pantry savories

In ingredient on July 24, 2009 at 4:55 pm

one way to make sure that you can always whip up something delcious is to make sure you always have pantry staples on hand.

here’s a little sample of things i like to have around. and if i’m out of something, i just make do with something else.


what we’re looking at:

olive oil – that’s a no brainer.

balsamic vinegar – also a no brainer, yes?

worchestershire – a few splashes in anything, really, to deepen the flavor, including pasta sauce, soup, salad dressing.

kosher salt – ONLY kosher salt. better flavor, better texture.

pepper – freshly ground, please.

canned kindey beans – dark red. for salads, mostly.

chopped tomatoes – you can make your own tomato sauce very easily.

soy sauce, peanut oil, fish sauce, seasoned rice wine vinegar – a definite must for any “asian-style” salad dressing.

bread crumbs – you can bread things for pan frying, or try adding to pasta sauce, actually! i keep the seasoned kind. you might want some panko (asian bread crumbs) if you fry things a lot.

red wine vinegar – very tasty. like worchestershire, a few dashes in anything adds awesome tangy, acidy flavor.

garlic – the only reason i’m even bringing this up is to ask you – nay – BEG you, to keep fresh garlic on hand and NOT the jarred type. ick.

canned tuna, tinned anchovies – great in salad, great in pasta sauce, great on pizza. occasionally great straight up, if i’m feeling especially feline.

capers – adds a salty burst to anything. my favorite. period. don’t be scared!

mustard – i try to keep a grainy and a hot, for sandwiches, salad dressing… dipping preztles in.

  1. Oh! that was so helpful! Where is the best place to shop for said ingredients?

  2. in this case, harris teeter – better than an icky old safeway or giant, more selection than a TJs, and more affordable than whole paycheck.

  3. I agree with the kidney beans here – but I must preferred keeping dried ones handy…of course that does neccessitate a little foresight the night before (letting them soak) before they’re really usable…but they cost a lot less, and don’t have any sodium and such found in the canned kind. But, in a pinch (a *real* pinch) I don’t underestimate the value of canned beans :)

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