garlic paste

In technique on July 22, 2009 at 2:23 pm

i don’t know if its her new favorite technique or if i’ve just caught a lot of garlicky recipes recently, but it seems like i can’t turn on the FN these days without rachael ray making garlic paste.

since i am (and he-for-whom-i-often-cook is) a glutton for garlic, making paste struck me as the perfect way to get more deliciousness into our food.

ms ray suggests you paste your garlic anytime you want to add raw garlic to a recipe, but eliminate the possibility of someone biting down on a piece, supposedly ruining their meal. (i’m not sure biting down on a piece of garlic qualifies as a “meal ruiner” in my house, but that’s beside the point.)

so let’s see. first, as directed, i minced three rather large cloves of garlic.


then ms ray wanted me to add about a teaspoon of coarse salt – i used kosher – although at this moment i realized i didn’t know how much garlic i was supposed to start with, so maybe my proportions were off…


then i was supposed to use the side of my knife to grind the salt and garlic together, making a paste. (“side of my knife”? what?)

i tried. but can report it did not work.

so then i tried the back of a spoon.


it still didn’t work. (see? still chunky! not paste-y!) maybe i didn’t mash long enough? but seriously, i don’t have whole commercial breaks to work on my garlic. i’m hungry!

needless to say, i’m not one to let anything – never mind garlic – go to waste, so i gave up and mixed my non-paste with a little extra oil and pepper, spread it on top of a raw pizza crust and tossed it into the oven. (oh man, the smell!)

borrowing a recipe from one of my favorite places, 2Amys, i topped the cooked crust with raw spinach and parm and enjoyed my dinner, paste or no paste.


sorry, rachael.

  1. Wow, AKP… we are completely in sync. I made almost the exact same thing last night but not with as much success. I used a Trader Joe’s garlic paste that had absolutely NOTHING in it, including no salt… and then spinach and arugula and a little cheese on top… it wasn’t so good, but I’ll add some salt and paper to the paste tonight and see how it turns out. I can’t believe we both had the same dinner last night!

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